The ancient town of Třeboň is located in the gently undulating landscape of southern Bohemia at an altitude of 450 metres above sea level. Its beautiful environment, abounding in deep forests and picturesque lakes which have won the attribute “a town of lakes” for Třeboň and “a landscape of mirrors” for the Třeboň basin, has been designated a protected landscape area and a UNESCO biospheric reserve. 

For centuries, the inhabitants of the Třeboň area have shaped and cultivated their landscape, releasing it from the yoke of swamps and peat bogs. The extraordinarily wet terrain gave rise to the traditional large-scale fish-breeding, particularly the famous “Třeboň carp”, and to the development of spas. Třeboň’s historic core, whose origins reach back to the 12th century, has been declared an urban reserve. The spa, the Renaissance chateau, the adjacent parks and the large expanse of Lake Svět (World) form a unique entity with a special local colour. A stay in the Třeboň spa is beneficial and invigorating not only for patients, but also for all those who want to recharge their batteries, absorb unusual cultural knowledge and enjoy pleasant experiences.