Lázně Teplice v Čechách is the oldest, but at the same time the most modern Czech spa, and one of the oldest in Europe. The spa is located in northern Bohemia, between the Krušné hory mountain range and the foothills of the Central Bohemian Highlands, at an altitude of 220 metres above sea level, some 90 kilometres from Prague in the direction of Dresden. There is evidence that curative thermal springs existed there as early as 762, i.e. at the time when the Celts settled on what is now Czech territory, whereas the use of the local resources for treatment has been documented since the 12th century. The local spa facilities are located in the town centre, amidst parks and gardens. The town’s varied cultural and social life, together with spa treatment, help the spa guests regain health and mental balance.

Part of Lázně Teplice is the spa of Dubí, located nearby, which specializes in the treatment of locomotive apparatus diseases and nervous and mental disorders.