The west Bohemian spa town of Jáchymov is located in a deep forested valley in the foothills of the Krušné (Ore) Mountains, at altitudes ranging from 560 metres to 750 metres above sea level. The small town boasts a long and glorious history. Originally a settlement that thrived on silver mining, it was granted town status in the 16th century, together with the right to coin the famous Jachymov thalers, from which the American dollar has derived its name. The origins of spa treatment there are connected to the famous scientific discovery by Nobel prize winners Pierre and Marie Curie, who managed to isolate radium and polonium, the first radioactive elements, from the waste of Jáchymov uranite. Their discovery initiated the research of the biological and curative effects of radiation on human organism and the possibilities of its use for treatment purposes. The discovery of rich radon springs in the former silver mines in 1906 provided an impulse for the foundation of a radon spa, the first in the world.