Františkovy Lázně, founded in 1793, is located in the westernmost corner of Czech. The small, intimate spa town, which has preserved its early 20th-century atmosphere, is one of the most picturesque Czech spas, also thanks to the compact Neoclassical architecture of its spa buildings and pavilions. The spa enjoys a mild climate characteristic of foothills, extraordinarily pure air, and an environment unaffected by the hustle and bustle of urban life. A wealth of well-maintained parks entice visitors to stroll to the sound of promenade music. All these enhance the curative effect of the famous local acidulous water, providing additional pleasure to the spa’s guests and numerous visitors.


Natural curative resources, indications

The twenty-one high-quality local mineral springs, strongly alkaline acidulous water, sulphur iron peat and natural geyser gas are used to treat cardio-vascular diseases, including conditions after heart attacks, disorders of the locomotive apparatus, female ailments and infertility