Mariánské Lázně lies in a beautiful wide-open valley in western Bohemia, at altitudes ranging from 567 to 626 metres above sea level. An almost 20 kilometre-wide belt of well-maintained forest runs directly through the area of the spa, intersected by a range of walking paths. The spa enjoys an excellent reputation the world over, both for its successful treatment methods and high-quality natural curative resources, as well as for its picturesque, enchanting surroundings. Mariánské Lázně has been endowed with a wealth of natural beauty and an inexhaustible supply of mineral treasures. Approximately one hundred springs of cold ferrous acidulous water of various chemical compositions have been discovered there, the first of them as early as the 16th century. A genuine treasure and the dominant feature of the town’s chiefly Neoclassical buildings is a magnificent colonnade dating from 1889. A visit to “the modern-day Singing Fountain”, where interesting music programmes coupled with light shows are staged, is likely to provide an unusual experience.





Natural curative resources, indications

The local mineral springs, peat and natural gas, combined with high-standard medical care, help treat kidney and urinary diseases, respiratory diseases, disorders of the locomotive apparatus and metabolism, oncological diseases, as well as gynecological diseases.

Annual cultural events

The opening of the spa season (a festive concert, a holy mass) – May Colonnade concerts – May–September Golf tournaments (professionals and amateurs) – from May to October The Chopin Festival (a festival of chamber and symphonic music, a piano competition)– August